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Blossoms that Celebrate Women

March 25, 2021

Blossoms that Celebrate Women

An ambitious leader, a motivator, a mentor, a compassionate listening ear, a teacher, an avid cook, a confidante, a role model, and more often than not, the head of the family. It can’t be possible that all of these diverse traits describe a single person, but they do. Yet, these are only a small handful of characteristics that embody them. To find out who these superstars are, we look no further than Beyonce’s famous question: “Who runs the world?”—Girls.

The societal definition of women didn’t use to go beyond physical features. But, as accomplishments, awards, and achievements continue to roll in day by day, we’re proud to celebrate the inner beauty of every woman, all her unrelenting strides to success, and the values she represents that’s worth so much more than just skin deep.

So let’s explore flowers that define the true magnificence of feminine power as we cheer women on in this month of March. 

Baby’s Breath Flower: Grace and Elegance

Grace and Elegance

The fairer gender among the sexes, women have a natural gift for grace and elegance even in the face of obstacles. She often has a way of adding panache to everything she does, from the poise of handling challenging motherhood, to being your pillar of strength whenever times are tough.

Like the Baby’s Breath flower, women have a compassionate innocence in believing in purity and second chances. A simple bouquet of baby’s breaths easily represents how she makes you smile even after a long hard day at work or school in Singapore.

Sunflower Bouquet: Gentle Love and Care

Gentle Love and Care

Have you ever had that warm fuzzy feeling? The way women can intuitively sync to other’s emotions and comfort with a blanket of warmth and compassion is like being served a hot chocolate drink on a stormy day. It’s no wonder there are so many great women in history who’ve changed the world, like Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa, and Florence Nightingale, who’ve helped inspire others to feel joy and hope, even when in the darkest days. 

Like the Sunflower bouquet, women in Singapore are rays of sunshine who brighten up even the gloomiest moments. Although their bright yellow radiance can call attention towards you, they are the faithful volunteer cheerleaders in our lives who deserve your tender loving care.

Gladiolus Flower: Strength and Confidence

Strength and Confidence

In the past, there was a strong misconception that women are frail and fragile beings. But today, female leads have made strides in the business and political world to prove otherwise. Through grit teeth, strength and perseverance, women have climbed the rungs and have emerged victorious as role models in the professional world. 

Women empowerment is perfectly captured in the Gladiolus flower. Known for its meaning of true strength and representation of victory back in the gladiator days, the Gladiolus embodies unwavering girl power perfectly in modern-day society.

Roses: Dynamic


The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply anymore as females break out of gender stereotypes and constantly prove their worth as individuals every day. To celebrate each Singaporean woman’s unique charms and traits means to understand all her different sides of beauty and charm within.

Take the effort in understanding her, spend more quality time with her, and unveil all the different layers of her personality. Because like the rainbow of colours roses come in, she’ll keep surprising you.

Celebrate The Women In Your Life Today

Gift her a special treat just for being her fabulous self. Encourage her to embrace womanhood and female empowerment with a memorable hand bouquet or flower arrangements on display this special month. Show your appreciation of her feminine charm and beauty in a simple gesture worth a thousand words.