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What's Your Birth Flower? A Guide To A Fresh Start

December 30, 2021

What's Your Birth Flower? A Guide To A Fresh Start

It has been a long and arduous year while we struggled through the uncertainties amid COVID-19. But here we are today, embracing the new year, so pat yourself on the back for braving through this stormy period!

A new year is often perceived as a fresh beginning, the start of new goals and aspirations. As we find ourselves enjoying the brand new year, let us express our thoughts and well-wishes with one of the oldest traditions of expression: the art of floriography. Whether you're revelling in the beauty of the new year in Singapore or abroad, you can spread the gift of cheer to your loved ones with a bouquet of flowers!

What is floriography?

Floriography refers to the art of using flowers as a form of communication; that is to say, the beauty of conveying meanings through the language of flowers. 

Each flower contains its symbolism and message based on the species, variety, and colours. Even today, flowers are used to express different statements based on the event. For instance, it is common to see red roses in love confessions, proposals and weddings due to its connotation that symbolises love and passion.

Of course, flowers aren't simply a vessel for special occasions. In fact, do you know that flowers come with their own symbolism unique to individual birth months? A specific flower type speaks of your unique traits based on the birth month you're born. Whether you're getting a bouquet to adorn your home or as a gift for a loved one, it's a fun and meaningful way to send a bouquet of flowers based on symbolism.

So, what is your birth flower, and what do they represent? Scroll down to find your birth month!

January - Carnation

Depending on the colours, carnations generally represent healing, strength and love, which is why it's such a popular choice during Mother's Day. For those born in January, your birth flower is a symbolism of perseverance, positivity and resilience. Just as the carnation's willpower to spread its hues of vibrant petals against the white backdrop amidst the harsh winters, you embrace challenges with confidence and optimism! 

February - Violet

In a similar way to the beautiful amalgamation of rich purple and yellow blooms, February babies possess the beauty that blossoms in the chilly air of early spring. Signifying humility, innocence and remembrance, violets pride themselves on their rich history and its versatile uses across continents and time periods.

March - Daffodil

A reminder of new beginnings, daffodils symbolise rebirth and revival. You're a bundle of rays of sunshine, emitting positive vibes and optimism. Just like the ever-flourishing daffodils in the midst of spring, you are the light that provides the gentle kiss of warmth after a freezing season.

April - Daisy

Daisies signify purity, fertility and innocence. You'll be surprised as daisies are, in fact, made out of two individual flowers! The smaller centre flower nestled itself within the long, gorgeous petals, creating a beautiful soft contrast that announces the wonders of mid-spring bloom. Fun fact, daisies were referred to as a 'day's eye' in Old English as these flowers close their petals during the night as if it's going into slumber and only unfurl in the morning.

May - Lily

Lilies are renowned for their multi-faceted representation as a bouquet for weddings, friendship and celebration of motherly love. Some species of lilies thrive in murky environments. That's why it's seen as a flower of innocence and purity as it preserves its soft pastel shades despite the murky surroundings. For those born in May, you possess the tenacity to remain unsullied regardless of the situation, just as the lilies will continue to bloom regardless of the marshy conditions.

June - Rose

Red roses are seen as a symbol of romance and passion, which is why it has been a popular flower for the declaration and celebration of love. However, it is also a representation of those born in June as this flower beckons the awakening of summer. In spite of its thorns, its petals portray the softer aspect of relationships, so June babies, tear away the tough exterior and embrace your inner tenderness!

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July - Larkspur

Larkspur illustrates the characteristics of grace, positivity and affection. Compared to the rest of the flowers on the list, larkspur is unique in its forms, growing in bunches instead of individual stalks. June babies, just like the proliferated field of violet and pastel blue, your optimism is contagious, illuminating the faces of all those that are around you. Do note that despite their gorgeous exterior, larkspurs are poisonous in nature!

August - Gladiolus

Named after the word sword in Latin, gladiolus is often associated with generosity, integrity and strength, signifying the valiant traits of a  gladiator. Those born in August possess the ferocity and independence that comes with the warrior's spirit. Your courage defies even the most demanding life challenges,  just as the gladiolus spread its vibrant petals expeditiously in the late summer.

September - Aster

Named after the Greek word for star, asters petals resemble their sky counterparts with their glimmer-like silhouette. Signifying wisdom, loyalty and sensitivity, September babies possess the warm and inviting spirit of an aster that beckons the start of autumn with a soft embrace.

October - Marigold

Doesn't the flower of Marigold remind you of the essence of autumn? With its mixture of amber and saffron tones, marigolds perfectly capture the spirit of fall. For those that are born in October, your soul encompasses the attributes of creativity, determination and joyfulness. You bring a pocket of sunshine and a sprinkle of inspiration with you wherever you go!

November - Chrysanthemum

Bloomed in an abundance of colours, chrysanthemum comes with a range of symbolism and history. Generally, this elegant flower signifies love, loyalty and happiness, reflecting its robustness to blossom in a variety of stunning colours against the harsh winds during late fall.

December - Holly

Aptly representing the birth flower of December, hollies are incredibly significant in the Christmas season. Symbolising fertility, peace and resilience, it demonstrates the endurance as an evergreen plant and the cheery connotation of the festive spirit that holly signifies.

To new beginnings  

As we say goodbye to 2021, it's time to create new memories and look forward to new beginnings as we enter the new year together!

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