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Carnation Flower Bouquets in Singapore

There is no denying that the options are limitless when it comes to the world of florals. From lilies to orchids, flowers come in thousands of different types, shapes, and colour combinations. One uniquely textured and brightly coloured flower type is the carnation. Hoping to spread the joy and love of conscious floral gifting, Smiling Flora has a specially curated collection of carnation bouquets using only the freshest blooms in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a flower arrangement with fresh carnations intermingling amidst other florets or a singular carnation encased in a glass dome, Smiling Flora has all your floral needs covered.

Carnations, the Flower of Love

Large, ruffled petals, appealing natural fragrance, and vibrant hues – these are the words commonly used to describe the unique carnation flowers. Known as the heavenly flower, they are traditionally gifted to mothers. Typically representing love, fascination, and distinction, its meaning can change depending on the colour of the bloom.

Traditionally in shades of pink and peach, carnations are now cultivated in a wide range of colours and variegations. Looking to express a certain emotion or ensure that your bouquet is appropriate for the special occasion you have in mind? Here is what each colour of carnations represents and possible occasions to gift them:

Pink carnations: Great for Mother’s Day, pink carnations are a popular symbol of motherly love and fondness.

White carnations: It is inevitable that white be associated with innocence and purity, right? A bouquet of white carnations signifies pure love and innocence. These also signify deep sorrow, making them a popular flower of mourning.

Red Carnations: Like red roses, these are an expression of deep love, admiration, and affection.

Shop Handcrafted Carnation Flower Bouquets

At Smiling Flora, no two bouquets of carnations are made the same. Just like the carnation flower that is extremely unique in comparison to other flowers, each of our arrangements is handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind. If you are looking for a gift, pick out these gorgeously fluffy blooms from our online store. Perfect for occasions such as Mother’s Day, weddings, and birthdays, add a bouquet or two to our cart, and we will have them delivered to any location in Singapore. You can also complement your carnation flower bouquet with plush toys and helium balloons to make your gift extra special.