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Send Love with Tulip Bouquets in Singapore

Planning to purchase a tulip hand bouquet in Singapore? With different colours and shades to choose from, you may be pondering on the type of tulip that best suits the occasion. Understanding what these flowers symbolise will give you a clearer idea of what to get for your loved one and make your bouquet surprise a truly meaningful one beyond aesthetics.

Colours of Tulip Bouquets and Their Meanings

1. Red Flower Tulip Bouquet

Nothing says “I love you” more than red tulips. They are generally seen as a symbol of love and passion due to their rich, deep hue, which is often associated with intense emotions. Just like roses, red tulip bouquet flowers are a top favourite when it comes to conveying true love. 

2. White Flower Tulip Bouquet

These white flowers represent forgiveness, purity, and peace. Because of their association with fresh starts, white tulips are often given as gifts to celebrate a new baby, graduation, or a new job. On a more personal level, white tulips can be given as a way to express forgiveness or to apologise for a past mistake. At Smiling Flora, we offer an alluring bouquet of 50 red and white tulips.

3. Yellow Flower Tulip Bouquet

While sunflowers are more widely recognised as the embodiment of sunshine, the striking hues of yellow tulips are also strongly associated with cheerful thoughts. For friends or family who are having a hard time, the refreshing appearance of yellow tulip flowers is sure to make them feel better.

4. Pink Flower Tulip Bouquet

If you are planning to celebrate your friend’s job promotion, pink tulips are excellent picks to express well wishes. You can also wish someone a fast recovery through a pink tulip bouquet as well. For a more colourful bouquet, you can opt for a mix of pink and yellow tulips.

Let Our Flower Tulips Do The Talking for You

Now that you know the meaning behind the various tulip colours, the next step is to source for the right tulip bouquet to be delivered at your scheduled time. At Smiling Flora, we offer same-day delivery in Singapore for the freshest selections so you’ll never fail to impress. For the most dreamy tulips, browse our website to discover what we have in store for you.