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Graduation Flowers In Singapore

When one thinks of graduation, the classic scene of graduates tossing their mortarboards in the air comes to mind. If you have been invited to a graduation ceremony, it is proper etiquette not to go to the event empty-handed. Whether you have decided to have one delivered to the graduate’s home or pass it to them in person during the graduation ceremony, flowers are great gifts to celebrate their accomplishments. Not quite sure how to select the freshest blooms? 

At Smiling Flora, we have an extensive range of graduation bouquets and flowers with bears that make congratulating a fresh graduate easy in Singapore. Handpicked and crafted by our skilled artisans, each bouquet will show your loved one that you care and are proud of their academic milestone.

The Best Flowers For A Graduation

From sunflowers to roses, we offer a range of graduation bouquets available in Singapore. With the array of choices available and every bloom symbolising something different, which flowers are best for graduation gifts?

Orchids: Symbolising admiration and respect, orchids make great additions to a customised bouquet. 

Carnations: A symbol of love, affectionate bonds, and good health, carnations are appropriate graduation gifts too!

Lilies: Representing friendship, devotion, prosperity, and wealth, lilies are great in wishing any fresh grad luck in their endeavours.

Roses: Oh, the classic rose. Synonymous with love, new beginnings, and genuine respect, the beauty of a rose remains unrivalled to this day. Perfect to gift a loved one or friend, a rose bouquet will always be a classic graduation gift.

Sunflowers: Said to bring joy, the sunflower symbolises adoration and longevity. Bright and cheery, these blooms will make anyone’s day.

Graduation Bouquets & Flowers With Bears at Smiling Flora

Unable to attend the graduation ceremony of a loved one? Fret not! Smiling Flora and our slew of delivery services has you covered. Whether you require your graduation bouquets to be delivered at a specific time of day or you are looking for same-day delivery services, our team in Singapore has it all. Even if you live overseas and would like to have flowers delivered as a gift to celebrate the graduation of a loved one in Singapore, we can meet those needs too. So, what are you waiting for? Browse our extensive catalogue online and pair your favourite flowers with a graduation bear today!