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Hydrangeas Bouquet Singapore

Are you looking for a hydrangeas-only bouquet or box to gift someone special? You have come to the right place! Hydrangeas are known as reliable shrubs that produce a fantastic display every summer with clusters of pink, blue, or white flowers, making them a favourite amongst florists and home gardeners everywhere across the world. 

While hydrangeas in general represent gratitude, grace and beauty, different coloured blooms have other meanings as well. Hence, flower arrangements play an important role in conveying the meaning behind each bouquet of flowers. For instance, white hydrangeas represent grace and purity, whereas pink hydrangeas carry connotations of heartfelt emotions and romance – the perfect hand bouquet to gift your romantic partner. Blue hydrangeas are known to have strong associations with feelings of regret. Pink hydrangeas symbolise deep understanding, and green ones represent renewal and rebirth. 

Besides fresh bouquets of hydrangeas, we also have preserved hydrangea bouquets. Our preserved flower collections are the best. They are natural flowers that have undergone an advanced process to maintain their freshness and beautifully soft appearance for extended periods of time. Our preserved hydrangeas are no different. Not only are the colours of each bloom still vibrant, but our florists also take extra care to ensure that our flowers can last for over a year.  

We have partnered with great producers to provide you with the best flowers of your choice and the highest quality of preserved flowers available online. Our dried hydrangea bouquets are perfect for all occasions – weddings, engagements, birthdays, graduation, or sympathy. As our preserved hydrangea bouquets can last for a long time, they can also be gifted to your near and dear as a symbol of your best wishes. 

Luxurious Hydrangea Bouquets Singapore

Our collection of flowers features many luxurious hydrangea bouquets containing this variety alone or together with other vibrantly-coloured blooms. From sky blue hydrangeas to blushing pink ones, there is never a dull moment of having them in your presence. 

At Smiling Flora, we pride ourselves on offering the very best flower arrangements and hydrangea bouquets in Singapore. With this in mind, our florists have paired these beautiful flowers with exquisite blooms like white roses, baby’s breaths, or tulips to create carefully colour-coordinated arrangements to gift your loved ones, or to simply adorn your home. Each hydrangea bouquet is completed with lush greenery to create a sumptuous arrangement. 

So, let us know what you have in mind, and our florists will endeavour to create a bouquet that conveys your heartfelt feelings. Also offering islandwide delivery services at a small fee of $10, we’ve made quality blooms accessible to everyone. 

Need help? Speak directly to the professionals today and just let them know what you are looking for. Happy shopping!