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Hand Bouquets

Find The Best Hand Bouquets in Singapore

Hand bouquets come in many different popular shapes and styles, namely nosegay (also known as tussie mussie), crescent and cascading bouquets. The tussie mussie or nosegay bouquet is most commonly gifted by lovers, as traditionally, they were used to send messages to each other. This tussie mussie hand bouquet is usually arranged in a cone-shaped container made of tin or silver with a chain attached to carry the bouquet. 

Hand bouquets are the ideal choice for brides as bridal bouquets due to their small size, but what’s stopping you from buying hand bouquets for any other celebratory occasion? Handheld bouquets are the perfect size for gifts for a loved one as well, especially for special occasions or dinners, where it can be inconvenient to carry a full-size flower bouquet. With the rising popularity of bouquets, it has definitely become more common in Singapore to buy bouquets for graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays and even just as a nice gesture for your loved one.

The Best Hand Bouquet Flowers 

From carnations to baby’s breath, we offer a range of flowers for hand bouquets available in Singapore. With a myriad of choices and every bloom symbolising something unique, which flowers are best for hand bouquets?

Baby’s Breath: Blooming with symbolism, baby’s breath represents everlasting love and is a great addition to any hand bouquet.

Carnations: A symbol of love, affectionate bonds, and good health, carnations are appropriate for any hand bouquet!

Lilies: Representing friendship, devotion, prosperity, and wealth, lilies are great flowers to include in a hand bouquet.

Roses: The classic rose is synonymous with love, new beginnings, and genuine respect, the beauty of a rose remains unrivalled to this day. It’s the perfect fit for a hand bouquet.

Get Your Hand Bouquets at Smiling Flora

Looking for a beautiful hand bouquet? Look no further as Smiling Flora has got you covered. Our catalogue carries an extensive plethora of gorgeous blooms tied and arranged in a small bouquet, specially for gifting purposes. All our hand bouquets in Singapore come with a small card that you can customise online with a special message for your special someone. You can even choose to add on helium balloons or small plush toys along with your purchase to be delivered straight to the recipient.

Buy Hand Bouquets Online and Get Your Flowers Delivered

Before you place an order for a hand bouquet on Smiling Flora, take note that our delivery timings are between 9am to 2pm, 1pm to 6pm and 5pm to 10pm. We also offer same-day delivery within Singapore for a small fee of $10. Contact us today for more information.