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Preserved Flowers

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Preserved Flower Domes & Dried Flowers in Singapore

Whatever the occasion may be, flowers are one of the best gifts to express your love and appreciation for someone – as the saying goes, “Flowers don’t tell, they show.” If you are seeking to gift a bouquet to someone who is not a fan of fresh flowers or simply searching for everlasting and eco-friendly blooms to decorate your home with, Smiling Flora has you covered! Of all our floral arrangements available in Singapore, dried and preserved flowers just might be the one for you. From preserved flowers in a bouquet form to dried flowers encased in a dainty glass dome, Smiling Flora has them all!

Dried & Preserved Flowers That Are Forever Yours

Beyond the slew of fresh flowers, we also house a diverse range of preserved ones on our online store in Singapore. What exactly is the appeal of dried and preserved flowers? Preserved florals look just like fresh blooms as they have been rehydrated in a glycerine bath with colourants. With their refreshing appearance and bright colours still intact, these easy to maintain flowers make great long-lasting gifts.

Looking for something more than a simple bouquet? Up the ante and go for a preserved rose in a jar! Inspired by the enchanted rose encased in a glass dome, Smiling Flora also offers a range of glass dome flowers. More than just a mere flower in a jar, our glass dome flowers come with a preserved rose or carnation flower sitting in the centre, surrounded by other dried flowers. Some of our preserved flowers in a jar even come with in-built LED lights that will illuminate the flowers in the glass dome.

Choose Smiling Flora for Preserved Flowers in Singapore

The epitome of evergreen beauty, preserved roses, and other florals have an aesthetic appearance that remains unrivalled to this day. Completely natural and practical, gifting someone preserved flowers in a glass dome is possibly the sweetest gesture. Multi-purpose in a decorative sense, a bouquet of preserved flowers can also be transferred into a glass jar to be used as centrepieces. Talk about endless decorative possibilities!

Order our preserved roses in a jar or flower bouquets online, anywhere around the world, and we will have them delivered to the doorstep of your loved one in Singapore. Contact us or browse our delivery page for more information.