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Find The Best Birthday Flower Bouquets on Smiling Flora

Is your girlfriend or mother celebrating their birthday very soon? Why not take the chance to show your love to them by ordering a bouquet of fresh flowers? Afterall, flowers have proven to be linked to an individual’s short-term and long-term happiness. The connection to nature (something not linked to your fast-paced environment) can help relieve stress and lift your spirits. A scientific explanation would be that flowers signifies the coming of abundance after winter, and triggers production or dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin in our brains.

Best Flowers for Your Mother

You love your other half and your mother in different ways, so you should give them different types of flowers as all flowers convey a different message. 

If you are looking to surprise your mother with a bouquet of flowers on her birthday or Mother’s Day, you can go for purple tulips, which represent royalty or pink carnations, which represent a mother’s love. Carnations are also a wise choice as they generally last longer. If your mother is a lover of roses, opt for the pink ones (since red roses are typically associated with romance), which symbolises appreciation, love and gratitude - perfect for a gift from child to mum.

Romantic Flowers for Your Other Half

Red roses are by far the most popular choice for lovers to profess their love for each other as it is deeply associated with desire, passion and the symbol of everlasting love. A unique flower to give your other half on their birthdays are orchids. The flower represents luxury and conveys the message: “You are delicate and precious like these orchids”. How sweet!

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