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12 Flowers For Every Zodiac This CNY

February 11, 2021

Flowers for Every Zodiac Year

“Will everything work out this year?”

You can’t help but wonder about what your Zodiac signs hold for you this year, mainly because what lies ahead is still unknown to you.

As Chinese New Year (CNY) quickly approaches, the top three trending things that weigh heavily on your mind are:

  • The strategic planning of home visits across the island,
  • How much money to give in an Ang Bao, and finally
  • How your Zodiac fortune reads for the year

Which explains why it’s the one time of the year we splurge on auspicious Chinese decor and lucky plants for our home, regardless of whether we have arriving visitors or not.

How about adding an extra special spark to your home?

Instead of buying the regular traditional flowers every Singapore household gets for CNY every year, cash in extra fortune for yourself by purchasing lucky flowers that match your Zodiac this time.

With that, let’s begin celebrating CNY with a bang! Here’s a full list of flowers for all 12 Zodiac signs, just for you.


Flowers for Ox Zodiac Year

Hard-working and full of positivity.

2021 is your year! If you’re born in the year of the Ox, it means you’re headstrong and ambitious with everything you do, complemented with an unrivalled level of optimism.

It’s likely why your life’s motto is “Never give up!”. And you’re usually the last one standing among your friends and colleagues whenever the going gets tough.

The matching flower for your Zodiac is the Gladiolus. It signifies strength and honour, a proud result of all the hard work you put in, so you can hold your head up high.

As this Chinese New Year’s lucky flower, decorate your home with the beautiful Gladiolus!


Flowers for Tiger Zodiac Year

Daring, with an air of grandeur.

The Tiger is the very symbol of power, bravery, and in Chinese culture, the emblem of Kings. Your charismatic aura fills the room and charms everyone around you.

The Protea is the complimenting flower, which represents courage and royalty. Available in Singapore, at full bloom, it’s the centrepiece of any hand bouquet that flaunts luxury.


Flowers for Rabbit Zodiac Year

Dainty and beautiful.

Rabbits are the epitome of grace and elegance in Chinese tradition. Every movement you make is purposeful and poetic, captivating those around you.

Much like the rabbit, the Pink Rose represents poise and style. Always popular and quite irresistible, it belongs to the top tier of classic beauties among flowers.


Flowers for Dragon Zodiac Year

Lucky, charming and confident.

The greatest symbol of good fortune. If you’re born in the year of the Dragon, you’re naturally gifted and talented in everything you seek to do.

Just like the Dragon, the yellow Sunflower represents good luck and fortune. A single stalk can brighten up the room and cheer anyone up.


Flowers for Snake Zodiac Year

Witty and intelligent.

The Snake Zodiac is known for quick thinking and survival. You’re street smart and incredibly independent, which makes you a reliable friend.

The flower on par with your sign is the Iris. Display a bouquet or vase of Iris in your Singapore home, for the subtle representation of your wisdom and intellect.


Flowers for Horse Zodiac Year

Spirited and highly energetic.

Do you often have wanderlust and love travelling the world? That’s entirely natural for you.

Born in the year of the horse, you’re active and love the freedom to gallivant and explore your curiosities.

The flower that compliments you is the Gerbera. It represents high energy and a life full of cheerfulness and joy.


Flowers for Goat Zodiac Year

Kind and peaceful.

Goats are gentle and loving. Those belonging to this Zodiac are compassionate and takes comfort in making others happy.

The perfect flower to represent this sign is the Lavendar because it symbolises serenity and harmony.


Flowers for Monkey  Zodiac Year

Intelligent and bountiful energy.

Fun and cheeky are how your closest friends and family would describe you. The monkey Zodiac represents both physical agility and smarts, brains and brawns.

Just like the monkey, the freesia flower signifies active energy and a free spirit, ushering in success in being whoever you want to be.


Flowers for Rooster Zodiac Year

Precision and diligence.

Roosters are known to be disciplined and honest. You’re an open book, and you don’t believe in keeping anything hidden. You stick to the rules, and trust in law and order.

A significant flower that represents the year of the Rooster well is the Chrysanthemum, which signifies fidelity.


Flowers for Dog Zodiac Year

Genuine sincerity and righteousness.

The year of the dog encapsulates loyalty. If you’re born in the year of the dog, you treat every relationship you have with the right care and everlasting support. Your friends are lucky to have you because you’ll never do any wrong by them.

An identical trait to Baby’s breath, it signifies purity, honesty, and innocence.


Flowers for Pig Zodiac Year

Fortuitous and lucky.

A popular symbol of fortune and luxury in Chinese culture, those born in the year of the pig often lead prosperous lives, be it wealth in terms of monetary, or love, when it comes to family and relationships.

Along the same lines, the Hydrangea, because it grows in large collective bunches, also represents abundance and prosperity for the new year.


Flowers for Rat Zodiac Year

Prolific and efficient.

Always bearing fruitful results, anyone born in the rat Zodiac is fast workers with clear goals and direction in mind.

Orchids match your sign perfectly because it symbolises productivity and prosperity.

Get Flowers That Are Uniquely You

Your Zodiac year you’re born in says a lot about your personality, and it’s what makes you distinct.

Go further than CNY. Celebrate your birthday with a flower bouquet that represents you with delivery to your doorstep in Singapore.