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4 Flower Arrangements To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

May 15, 2021

4 Flower Arrangements To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

Homes represent who you are as a person. A house starts as an empty shell, but as you fill it with your life’s chapters and inject your style, it becomes your home sweet home. Whether you’re looking to accent your recently renovated unit or to give a fresh spin to a muted room, flower arrangements are the solution you’ve been waiting for to breathe life into your home.

Explore your preferences with these easy themed flower arrangements. They complement the most trending interior decor in home living and brightens up any room in your apartment in an instant.

Read on to find out how you can get that picture-perfect home you’ve always dreamed of.

1. A Touch of Simple Elegance

Think of classically beautiful homes, those you find on the cover of a magazine. These houses have one thing in common, a simple, elegant vase of flowers that exudes sophistication and complements the family home to a tee.

The ideal flowers to put in the delicate touches in your home are roses, tulips, and hydrangeas. Arrange them in a minimalistic vertical style with a slim clear glass or a rounded shape to match a petite bud vase. Place these flexible flower arrangements on a dainty single-stand coffee table or as individual centrepieces for each table setting on a long dining table.

2. A Wash of Warmth

Enjoy lush green gardens and sunny fun beaches? Why not bring it into your home! Bathe your rooms in sunshine vibes and warmth so that even when you feel like you’re sinking into a slump, your home becomes that perfect go-to place where you feel rejuvenated.

The best blooms for the job are bright summer flowers like the sunflower, chrysanthemum, and marigolds. Arrange them in a compact fit and pair the flowers with a light vase or in a mason jar for a dense cheery bundle. When these flowers work their magic, they easily lift your spirits and make you feel the motivation you need to step out and start your day.

Try this flower arrangement out and turn your home into a summer paradise!

3. A Buzz of The Wild

If you’re a fan of wild paddy fields and being one with rugged nature, then introducing a rustic wild flair to your home is the style for you.

Flowers to consider should bring out the whimsy of your home, with loose and feathery arrangements—random and unstructured, unlike most flower designs. The kind of blooms that can convey such panache is none other than preserved flowers. Baby’s breath, wheatgrass, dried cotton, and dried phalaris are great examples to use.

Plus, unlike the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers, the durability of preserved flowers lets you keep in touch with everlasting nature, even in Singapore's humid weather.

Have a piece of the rural countryside in your home when you place these preserved flower arrangements in unique concepts such as a craft basket, a lemonade jar watering can, or even within glass nature domes.

4. A Hint of Classic Vintage

Vintage is the new old. It’s a versatile style that can be over the top and luxurious (imagine antique vases and blue china) or budget-friendly (picture repurposed coffee cans, an old lantern or a retro box).

Flowers that work best with this style include peonies, carnations, and orchids arranged in monochromatic or long and low arrangements. It’s an easy style to pull off depending on your home decor preferences.

Have The Perfect Flower Arrangement Delivered To Your Door

Crafting and adding your style of floral arrangements is fun, but it can be time-consuming. Instead, you can get the same unique results with ready custom flower arrangements designed by the floral experts at Smiling Flora, perfectly delivered right to your doorstep. Save time and effort, transform your home today!