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5 Flowers To Surprise Your Extraordinary Mum On Mother’s Day

May 08, 2021

5 Flowers To Surprise Your Extraordinary Mum On Mother’s Day

The perfect way to show mum how much she means to you is with a bouquet of flowers from the heart. It might make her blush, but it's the one day in the year you can unabashedly show her your full appreciation for being such a remarkable person.

Mother's Day is just around the corner, but there are so many attractive options in Singapore, you're overwhelmed with choice - from roses in every color imaginable to lilies that fit any budget. To help you narrow these seemingly infinite choices down, here's a curated list of flower bouquets and domes to surprise your extraordinary mum on this special Mother's day.

Which Flowers Should I Get For Mother’s Day?

Shopping for the perfect gift can be quite a headache, especially when you can't seem to find a present that does justice to celebrating your mum's unique character. If you're looking for something expressive and sincere, you can't go wrong with flowers. Blooms accentuate your mum's natural beauty, convey your genuine love and gratitude, and they even have a pampering scent so she can feel special on this special day. So what are you waiting for? Dive right into the list and find out the 5 best flowers to surprise your Mother with!

1. Dark Red Roses

Never underestimate the classic beauty of a rose. The deep red in roses possesses the magic of imparting the message of an unbreakable bond and affection. Plus, roses adds a level of panache to any regular bouquet. With a bit of creativity and the right pairing in a rose bouquet,  you can easily pull off a stunning present for your mum. Or change it up with a unique glass rose dome with a loving bear.

2. Gentle Dandelions

If your mum has a quirky, eccentric trait, reflect them with the whimsy of dandelions. Because you don't usually see full dandelions in Singapore, these non-traditional fluffy florals are sure to surprise. Blow out a dandelion and make a hopeful wish for the rest of the year, or have these prominently displayed for a cheeky, spirited reminder of the perfect gift you got on this Mother's day.

3. Cheery Sunflowers

The epitome of joy, sunflowers symbolize the love and care mothers pour into raising their children, making them feel loved and appreciated every day! In return, bring in the sunshine and brighten up your mum’s day with these radiant sunflowers. Purchase a sunflower bouquet or a sunflower dome and capture your mum’s delight when she receives this beautiful gift from her loving family.

4. Blush Pink Carnations

With the constant guidance and support you can always count on in your mother as you grow up, you can’t help but notice how the crease lines have started to form at the corners of your mum’s eyes. Yet, she’s still as spunky and energetic as she ever was, which makes blush pink Carnations the perfect flowers for your forever youthful mum.

5. Assorted Preserved Flowers

Instead of going the usual route of fresh flowers, why not try an interesting assortment of preserved flowers this Mother’s day? Since they’re durable and everlasting, surprise your mum with eternal beauty and your neverending love for her strength and support all these years.

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