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5 Flowers to Usher Your New Year with a Bang

January 25, 2021

5 Flowers to Usher Your New Year with a Bang

Looking for something that brings you good fortune in the New year? The best way to usher 2021 is with positivity and fresh blossoms. Buy flowers and change up the energy in your home and make a fresh start. Supported by the fortune and strength brought about by these top 5 flowers in Singapore, you’ll make new goals and have newfound confidence to accomplish all of them.

1. Sunflower

Sunflowers - Smiling Flora

Sunflowers have another name, sun-seekers. It’s known to bring joy and good fortune because of its strong association with the sun’s golden rays. Sunflowers even get a special mention in Greek mythology, as a love story of the undying faith and hope between both elements, as sunflowers loyally follow the sun’s direction for eternity.


Visiting unending fields of bright yellow wild sunflowers in other countries brings an automatic smile to your face. Bring a piece of that beautiful luscious field into your home in Singapore, because just a fraction goes a long way in lifting your spirits for the entire year. So by having sunflowers adorning your home, you’ll always have sunshine and good vibes. Buy these flowers online, from us or better yet, make it a bouquet. With sunflowers, they'll always point you towards your path of happiness.


2. Tulips

Tulips - Smiling Flora

A gentle reminder of spring, Tulips are famously in full bloom over this season in the Netherlands. It signifies the thawing of icy hibernation and getting your spirits re-energised and revitalised for a fresh start. Great for people who have big new year resolutions, Tulips will recharge and motivate you in chasing your dreams.


Aesthetically, Tulips are also nimble flowers to have at home because they come in so many vivid colours - you’ll never have the problem of clashing colour schemes! If you had a bad year in 2020, the best colour to go for new beginnings is undoubtedly bright yellow Tulips.


Additionally, the sweet scent of Tulips relaxes your mind and lifts your spirits. Buy Tulip flowers and get a delivery to your doorstep when you order from our Singapore online store. You'll never look back keep trudging forward in the new year and make the best of it/your life.


3. Carnations

Carnations - Smiling Flora

Carnations are incredibly versatile flowers. They come from a long line of traditional use, but they've also recently made a comeback in floral trends. If you're looking to get lucky, go for white Carnations and prosper in 2021.


Even better, it's in the very nature of white Carnations to last a very long time. Made of every floral owner’s dreams, they are very durable and easy to care for. Plus, if you're the kind that gets bored easily, Carnations are the perfect solution. Change the colour of your carnation to any colour you fancy with diluted food dye - your options are limitless!


Buying Carnation flowers for your home in Singapore also gives it an attractive spicy fragrance that perks up your day. Change not just the sights but the smell of your living space. The new environment will orient your body and mind to make a positive difference this year.


4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea - Smiling Flora

The Hydrangea is a gorgeous calming sea of blue and a very well-loved part of Japanese culture. It conveys peace and serenity, reminding you to remain Zen this year and avoid unhealthy conflicts. It symbolizes grace and beauty; an opportunity for you to portray a new side to yourself and build a better understanding of the people around you. When you buy a bouquet of Hydrangeas online with us, you’ll have healthy and better relationships as we move forward into the new year.


5. Fruit Bouquet

Fruit Bouquet - Smiling Flora

If you’re the more practical kind, spring for a fruit bouquet. Depicted in many relic art portraits, the constant fruit bowl on the table, shows off riches and abundance. Besides the apparent gastro appeal to have a full bowl of edible decorations, the natural bright colours of fruits are also aesthetically pleasing.


For a romantic meal with your partner, go for a bouquet of strawberries and chocolates. Or choose a mini vase of rosy apples to symbolize a clean and healthy year ahead.


Now that you're well equipped with a good knowledge of flowers and what they symbolise, pick one that matches your resolutions best, and you're all set to usher in your wave of positivity this year.


Buy these top flower selections in a vase or bouquet, or shop our full online collection in Singapore. Smiling Flora is here to support your chase for the best new year yet!