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Flowers That Say “Let’s Be More Than Friends”

February 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day Flowers

Like dipping french fries into your ice cream, straddling between hot and cold;friendship and something more is a bitter-sweet comfort zone that makes you dangerously complacent about leaving things be.

But since Valentine’s day is around the corner, it’s the opportune time for you to get off this unstable limbo and push for a closer relationship.

You’re probably wondering how, because it takes actual guts and moxie to be vulnerable and confess your whole heart to that special someone.

Well, first things first. Build up your confidence with a gift you know will impress. Then, clearly signal what your intentions are with this gift.

That being said, there’s no better way to share how you feel than with a grand gesture of flowers, chocolates and plushies.

With windows of opportunity so rare, and timing so crucial when it comes to love, don’t miss your chance at happiness. Say “Let’s be more than friends” with these bouquet options you can find in Singapore.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Valentines Day Flowers

Hand Bouquet

Express genuine sincerity when you present fresh flowers to your beloved.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a hand bouquet of fresh-cut red roses. Fill the air with the endearing scent of crimson romance.

Or if your relationship is more on the lighthearted jovial side, spring for bright yellow sunflowers to lift the mood.

If you prefer being on the safe side, hand bouquets are a traditional classic choice that can’t go wrong.

Feel assured and brim with confidence with these floral bouquet favourites by your side.

Flower Box

If your date is always on trend and in the know of the latest fashionable happenings, flower boxes should be your automatic go-to choice.

A modern take on how fresh flowers are presented, they are placed in very stylish box packaging for that unique special delivery look.

Give it a boost with a cherry-red theme to fit into Valentine’s context. Then, have it hand-delivered direct to your special someone’s Singapore location, with a signed card or helium balloon that asks your beloved out for a romantic date.

Preserved Flowers

Valentines Day Preserved Flowers

For a gift that truly impresses, your date will know you’ve done your fair share of research when it comes to preserved flowers.

Climbing the ranks in trend, these dried flowers may not look like much to men, but they are distinctly popular among the ladies.

Wow your date with the finest display of preserved flowers. Select from globes and domes filled with fairy lights and floral wonder, from the likes of magical puffy cotton to fantastical large roses.

Because dried flowers are more durable than fresh ones, your loved one can place them anywhere at home as a beautiful lasting keepsake.

Chocolate Hand Bouquet

Valentines Day Chocolate Hand Bouquet Flowers

If your date is more practical and has a sweet tooth, the chocolate hand bouquet will earn you lots of brownie points.

Looking like a regular flower bouquet from afar, surprise your beloved with a beautifully wrapped bouquet of his/her favourite chocolate snacks like Ferrero Rochers, Kinder Buenos and Mars bars.

Choose a full chocolate bouquet or a mixed bouquet with pretty flowers or lovely strawberries in the mix. Make your selection online and be your Valentine’s sugary sweetheart, literally.

Throw In A Plush Toy

Pair your bouquet with the squishiest and cutest plush toys in Singapore.

Don’t underestimate the power of these little ones because they serve as faithful memorabilia your date can keep close to heart forever.

And in many years to come, they become a precious memento that represents the cherished beginnings of your young love story.

H2 Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Get out of friend zone flowers

That’s it! With these Valentine’s flower gift options, you can get yourself out of the dingy friend zone and into a loving relationship.

Pluck up the courage to get closer to your special someone. Because what you feel matters, it’s best not to hold it in regardless of whether your feelings are reciprocated or not.

Besides, everybody likes hearing that they’re loved.

Go ahead, let your heart out. We’re rooting for you!