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Fun Flower Bouquets That Celebrate Your Graduation Day

June 15, 2021

Fun Flower Bouquets That Celebrate Your Graduation Day

Heading off into the wild world of adulthood makes graduation a special day worthy of commemoration. And what graduation day would be complete without a perfect bouquet?

Every proud graduate deserves a flower bouquet for their achievements. It represents how much they've bloomed as independent adults at the end of their student journey, especially if they're students in Singapore because a diploma or degree is achieved after more than 10 years of hard work and dedication, ever since they were children in Primary school.

Since it's such a milestone moment, simple words of congratulations might not feel sufficient this time. But a beautiful floral arrangement speaks volumes, even if you don't always have the right words to say. It also makes a beautiful statement of his or her achievements—without a doubt, many others would know it's a special occasion worth celebrating.

Now that you're set on buying a graduation bouquet let's go into the type of flowers to select from and where you could buy them.

What Kind of Flowers Do You Get For Graduation?

Flowers each carry different meanings and significance, and you sure don't want to end up splurging on the wrong kind of flowers for your loved ones as they step towards adulthood at graduation. Spare yourself any social faux pas and let this article bring you through the suitable types of flowers you can place in your bouquet to make the occasion even more special.

1. Sunflowers

It's natural for fresh graduates to feel uncertain about their capabilities and how they'll perform in their new careers. Bright and cheery sunflowers are perfect for helping light the path ahead. These flowers always follow the direction of the sun (hence the name!), and it'll give the assurance your graduate needs to look forward to a new path in life.

2. Baby’s Breath

As graduates cross the threshold into adulthood, graduation day is the twilight moment between a student who's all grown up but yet to set foot in the professional world. It's one of the last few points in their journey when they're still filled with childhood innocence, and you can capture this symbolism perfectly with a bouquet of Baby’s Breath. Because Baby's Breath is an everlasting dried flower, it'll always remind your loved one of this special day.

3. Roses

Because the road ahead is unknown, harnessing the power of personal drive is key! Decorated with charming roses and baby’s breath, get a Perseverance bouquet for your graduating loved ones to cheer them on their power-packed career journey.

Show your graduate how excited you are about his or her accomplishments in Singapore by pairing your rose bouquet with a mini bear plushie—it can serve as a personal cheerleading mascot as he/she navigates through the new future

4. Hydrangeas

What better way to send off a graduate to the professional world but with love and abundance. The Hydrangea encapsulates this message beautifully by wishing students good fortune in their futures. If your graduating loved one needs the confidence to explore their options in the working world, this would be the flower bouquet that gives them the courage to do so.

More Than Just Flowers To Mark The Day

Designing a bouquet for a special day needs more than fresh flowers. Give it a little more flair with additional little gifts that say “Happy Graduation” to mark the occasion.

Add A Graduation Bear

Include a cheeky little soft toy in your bouquet like a graduation bear, and voila! Your bouquet now looks ready to congratulate your loved one for their commencement ceremony in Singapore.

Add a Balloon

No celebration is complete without helium balloons! With a little extra, a graduation balloon makes your loved ones feel more special on their big day.

Do You Give Guys Flowers For Graduation ?

Well, the answer is yes! As long as the bouquet is kept simple, like a single flower stalk, it’s not too much to give guys flowers for graduation. After all, they’re celebrating too!

But if you think he’ll appreciate something practical, you could spring for a sweets bouquet of Chocolate Delight since everybody loves chocolates!

Last-Minute Graduation Bouquets

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