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3 Bridal Bouquet Ideas That Wow At Any Wedding In Singapore

October 15, 2021

3 Bridal Bouquet Ideas That Wow At Any Wedding In Singapore

It's your big day! Like every bride, you want yours to be special and unforgettable. While weddings are most commonly coupled with traditional white flowers and Rose bridal bouquets, it's only natural to stray from the conventional route and look for fresh bridal bouquet ideas in Singapore.

 A wedding bouquet isn't just a bunch of flowers thrown together for the bride. It's intricately designed because these florals mark your entrance to the aisle. The floral arrangement is an extension of your matrimony, especially since you'll be holding it as you march hand-in-hand with your beloved to tie the knot in a grand romantic gesture in front of friends and family. Selecting the right bridal bouquet for you can make the difference between a regular ceremony and one that strikes everyone's memories.

 From deciding the flower accessories that go in your hair for the perfect wedding day look to the type of flowers to use in your hand bouquet, choosing flowers for the big day can prove to be an imposing task for all brides in Singapore. But fret not. Here are three bridal blooms that will help inspire and make your decision much easier.

1. Celebrating Local Charms With Orchid Flower Blooms

Did you know? The Orchid became Singapore's national flower in 1981. If you’re looking for flowers that are uniquely Singaporean, this is it. Usually presenting themselves as potted Orchid flowers along HDB flats, these flowers make beautiful wedding bouquets that are sure to surprise your guests.

Orchids have a signature look with their one-of-a-kind petals. Because they’re not the conventional wedding flower choice, it’s easy for you to steal the show with a bouquet of white Orchids in hand. Drift along the red carpet holding these, and you’ll be the very symbol of pure elegance and grace.

2. Saying Forever With Cotton Flower Bouquets

It's hard not to jump on the bandwagon seeing how fast preserved flowers in Singapore have gained popularity. Swiping through your Instagram feed as a bride, it's almost absolute you'll see post after post of dried preserved flower recommendations presented to you. But if the usual Baby’s Breath flowers, Bunny Tails and dried Wheatgrass are too mainstream, you can try going for eccentric Cotton flowers instead.

Bringing forth luck and protection on your special day, a Cotton bouquet also means to cherish your loved one. Because Cotton can be preserved for a very long time, it's the perfect idyllic bouquet to celebrate your everlasting love. Preserve the magic by placing your cotton flowers in a dome after the wedding and save them as a precious keepsake in your loving home for years and years to come.

3. Toast To Bountiful Love With A Hydrangea Bouquet

If you could make a wish at your wedding, what would it be? Most brides would wish for their newly minted relationship as husband and wife to be filled with plenty of love and an abundance of heartfelt affection that stands the test of time.

If these are all the desires you have in mind, then a full bouquet of Hydrangeas would be precisely what you're looking for. Whether it's a whimsical garden-themed wedding or a rustic, intimate setting indoors, sweeten up your ceremony with lush pastel flowers of blue or pink Hydrangea bouquets.

Tie The Knot With Flowers Of Your Dreams

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