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3 Dried Flowers In Singapore For Making Dainty Phone Covers

September 15, 2021

3 Dried Flowers In Singapore For Making Dainty Phone Covers

It defines our personality, adds a streak of colour to our everyday lives, and reminds us of summer. Whether it’s a surprise gift to your best friend or as hair accessories for your wedding day, they brighten up your day with just one glance: flowers.

And what better way to spice up our ordinary routines in Singapore than to add dried flowers onto the most important asset to our social lives, mobile phones! Resin phone covers have taken the internet by storm. Just by adding preserved flowers to a transparent casing, it instantly transforms your phone into a work of art with intricate flower designs.

Because how our mobile phones look represents who we are, having a custom floral phone case is not only essential to protecting your device, but it’s also a chance to show off our individuality and tell the world what makes us unique. We can never get too many of these!

Make your phone case spectacular with dried flowers, and you’ll have the perfect accessory for any stylish person. Let’s dive into which preserved flowers to buy in Singapore to get started on designing your mobile cover.

1. Gerbera Daisies To Match Your Joyful Smile

Like a breath of sunshine and a ray of summer, if you’re a cheery and bubbly person, a handful of Gerbera Daisies on your mobile case are the best blooms to represent you.

With intricate petals in pink, orange, red, white, purple and yellow, they have vibrant colours you can take your pick from for a colourful and bright phone cover.

These lovely flower buds are small enough to fit onto your phone’s surface, so they’re just the right size. Plus, Gerbera Daisies bring a smile across your face and reveal a fun surprise to your friends whenever you pick your mobile up.

2. Baby’s Breath Flowers For Extra Sweetness

A perennial favourite among dried flowers, Baby’s Breathflowers are the most popular mini flowers today in Singapore. These delicate tiny blooms are great for minimalists who like to keep their phones looking clean, simple, and elegant.

Naturally white, they can also be dyed in virtually any colour of the rainbow, from warm hues like orange, yellow, and pink to cool tones like green, violet, and blue.  

Symbolizing innocence, purity and charm, Baby’s Breath is the cute floral your phone needs for that extra dose of sweetness that everyone adores.

3. Hydrangea For A Taste Of Spring

While it’s impossible to stick full spheres of Hydrangeas onto your phone, we can pick a few stalks and dry them for your mobile case. 

With four large petals, this signature look of Hydrangeas adds a level of sophistication and grace to your phone. It comes in blue, green, pink and is a favourite in horticultural nations like Japan.

Blooming in abundance during the beautiful season of Spring, using dried flowers like Hydrangeas for your mobile case instantly transports you out of Singapore and into the botanical wonders of China, Korea, and Japan, without the travel.

5 Steps To DIY Your Own Flower Design Phone Case

The best thing about creating your mobile case with dried flowers is to craft it with the flowers that most represent you and design it the way you want so that it’s one of a kind.

DIY your flower design phone case in just 4 steps:

  1. Start with some pressed or preserved flowers of your choice, and position them over the back of your phone cover.
    Your phone cover can be of any colour, but the best effects are achieved with a transparent cover.
  2. Once you’re set on your design, glue the flowers to the back of the phone case.
  3. Add the UV resin liquid onto the back of your phone case, bit by bit, spreading with a wooden ice cream stick to seal your flower design.
  4. Cure under UV light

And voila! You’ve got your very own dried flower phone case, the only of its kind in all of Singapore.

Pretty Up Your Phone In An Instant

A crafty solution to a dull phone cover, make your designs for your phone cover out of preserved flowers, and express your individuality today!