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3 Best Preserved Flowers In Singapore For DIY Scented Candles

October 30, 2021

3 Best Preserved Flowers In Singapore For DIY Scented Candles

Imagine a blast of sweet aroma rolling in with one strike of the matchstick. Scented candles are a simple but elegant way to repel the musty, stale air looming in your stuffy apartment. People don't usually pay attention to fragrances as often as they should, but studies have shown that aromas have a profound psychological effect on our subconscious.

Besides deepening your scents and sensibilities, having a fresh floral perfume in your home instantly lifts your spirits and eases the stress of a long day away. But realistically, not everyone has the time or dough to spend on regular baskets of fresh flowers.

So if you're not one to frequently dip into the money jar for fresh flower arrangements at home, DIY scented floral candles are a creative yet affordable alternative. Pick your favourite blooms in Singapore and turn them into preserved flowers for your home. The smell of flowers has a powerful hold on your senses, and they have a bewitching influence on how you feel about the environment.

Set the tone in every room, or rekindle the warmth of home with your very own fragrance. We've compiled 3 of the best preserved flowers in Singapore you can use to welcome the scent of nature into your cozy abode.

1. The Tropical Sweet Scent Of Lilies

Have you ever wondered what a tropical paradise would smell like? The alluring sweet scent of lilies would remind you of a relaxing holiday as you sip Mai Tais by the pool while all your earthly worries are thrown to the wind. It's no wonder fresh Lily bouquets and flower arrangements are so popular in modern homes.

What's more, Lilies have an exotic style stamped with all the trademarks of the rainforest. Coming in yellow, orange, pink or white, you can take your pick from a large variety of colours. By transforming preserved Lily flowers into a scented candle, it's a smart way to capture its pleasing scent and captivating petals in a jar.

2. The Smell Of Spring From Tulips

As you mill about a room with the light perfume of Tulips lingering in the air, every whiff takes you to lush rolling hills against an embracing sun while bees and butterflies buzz playfully around you.

A spring flower, the Tulip scent has a delightfully fruity, honey scent that thaws even the harshest winters. If you're thinking of setting up a cozy vibe at home, pick from a variety of preserved Tulips in Singapore for your DIY scented candles. Its gorgeous star-shaped trumpet petals and gleeful scent will warm up any room to your heart's desire.

3. The Scent Of Home In Roses

As the old saying goes, "Stop and smell the roses''. With Rose scented candles, all the joys and precious little moments you share with your family are sealed in lasting memory within this fragrance.

Roses have a powerful scent that brings families together because all ages adore them. Its fragrance evokes gentle memories of your grandma tending to her garden or the first flowers you receive on Valentine’s Day—it's the smell of love and a heartwarming home.

Incredibly easy to source, just a few preserved roses in a jar in Singapore can transform into a DIY scented candle that’s unique to your loving home.

Get Preserved Flowers For Your Floral Scented Candles

With the main flower ingredients covered for your very own scented candles, find the signature scent for your home. Take your pick of preserved flowers as a bouquet or in a jar from our Singapore online store and get crafting today!