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5 Friendship Flower Surprises To Gift Your Best Friend

July 29, 2021

5 Friendship Flower Surprises To Gift Your Best Friend

International friendship day is just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great to surprise your best friend with a well-thought flower surprise on 30th July?

Special gifts usually revolve around family and loved ones, particularly when we’re near the festive holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. But there is one exception every year when you get to celebrate friendship with your most cherished friends.

For all the days you relied on your friends for support and the times they were there for you at every major life event. You can always count on your pals to carry you through tough times and make happy experiences all the more sweeter.

Before they feel taken for granted, this is the time to say thank you! Show appreciation to all your friend’s efforts in making this friendship such a blast. So rather than the usual plain greeting card, how about setting this year apart with a surprise friendship bouquet?

Trust us! Flowers are the best language to illustrate your one-of-a-kind bond. Read on to find out which flowers to select for your bouquet!

Types Of Flower That Represent Friendship Your Bouquet Needs

It’s not always easy to navigate through the overwhelming number of flowers at the florist on your own. So to simplify the entire shopping process for your friend, here are the top flower must-haves in your bouquet of friendship.


Purity, loyalty and joy: these are the charming traits of sunflowers that make them an obvious choice for your friendship bouquet. It’s like giving your friend an everlasting warm hug!


Friendships are all about reminding one another that we’re not alone in our struggles. To reciprocate the care and support your friend has given you through the difficult decisions you’ve made in life thus far, Chrysanthemums are the best way to tell them that you’ll do the same too. A generous collection of Chrysanthemums will instantly show that you’re always going to be there for them.

Yellow Gerberas

A happy friendship oozes bliss, and that’s precisely what Yellow Gerberas say. It represents all the joys you gleaned from this merry relationship and all the cheerful memories you’ve had in each other’s company. Select Yellow Gerberas for your friendship bouquet and bless your relationship with more gleeful adventures together!

Yellow Roses

If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a colour pattern to flowers representing friendship. That’s right, most friendship flowers are yellow, and it’s no different when it comes to a classic flower like roses.

Yellow roses represent warmth, positivity and happy thoughts. The spirit of such an uplifting flower is the perfect way to celebrate the fond memories you have together since your friendship began.

Pink Tulips

Bucking the yellow flower trend are Pink Tulips! If yellow isn’t your colour, Pink Tulip flowers are a toast to the meaning of friendship by representing care, well wishes, and friendly affection for your pal.

3 Flower Bouquet Ideas For All Kinds Of Friendships

1. The Loyal Friendship

To solidify the bond and loyalty of your friendship, a bouquet flushed with nothing but blooming sunflowers is the way to go. One good tip is to order a sunflower bouquet online, so it doesn’t matter if you live on opposite ends of Singapore from your friend; you can get delivery anywhere on this sunny island in time for International Friendship Day!

2. The Flamboyant Friendship

If you and your friend are two peas in a pod that often go on adventures and paint the town red in your own way, express the craziness in this friendship! Try a unique rainbow bouquet, or this characteristic pastel Pink Tulip bouquet.

3. The Ever Joyful Friendship

Can’t remember a time you were ever sad in this relationship, thanks to your good pal? Thank your friend for being your source of strength and good vibes all around with a yellow rose bouquet with a pop of sunflower for more joyous times ahead.

An Extra Sweet Gesture For Your Cherished Friend

Sweeten up your floral gift with a little something extra like a playful balloon for a more celebrative tone. Pair your bouquet with a fun helium balloon in your online delivery in Singapore for a special surprise. After all, your treasured friend is worth every penny of it. Have a blast this International Friendship Day!