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3 Soothing Bath Soaps You Can Make From Preserved Flowers

August 15, 2021

3 Soothing Bath Soaps You Can Make From Preserved Flowers

magine all your stress and troubles melting away in a warm shower infused with the delicate fragrance of a bath soap of preserved flowers you made yourself, all while saving money on soaps!

While it may seem that preserved flowers are only enjoyable as a display piece at home, you'd be surprised by the fantastic array of uses for them. With just a little bit of creativity, we can use them for hair accessories for your big day to soothing teas to destress, and now to charming bath soaps.

Preserved flower bath soaps are easy to infuse extra fragrant oils without adding too much detergent or harsh chemicals like commercial soaps you find in supermarkets. Handcrafted soaps made from preserved flowers are also an excellent way to enjoy the full fragrance of colourful petals as you immerse yourself in your favourite smells of nature like a private Garden of Eden.

If you're looking for some new ideas in this department, here are 3 bouquet-inspired bars you can create right at home that will add luxury (and colour!) to any bathroom.

1. Hydrangea Flower Scent That Transports You To Another World

If you like the sweet floral scent of summer in full bloom, Hydrangea flowers are the way to go. Fill your bathroom with the alluring smells of lush, green gardens that remind you of the comforts of a cosy home garden. Or succumb to the temptation of a botanical paradise in Japan since Hydrangeas are known to be abundant there.

2. Preserved Roses For A Luxurious Shower In Singapore’s Heat

Rose-scented products are everywhere. You see it in perfumes, body soaps, home fragrances, and even facial products that have anti-inflammatory properties.

But they’re usually added as an ingredient chemically, so why not use real natural roses for your body bar? Better yet, upcycle the roses in your preserved flower bouquet by grabbing some flower petals and adding them to your DIY soap bar.

If you enjoy fruity scents and are a hopeless romantic, preserved roses are the perfect luxurious shower companion for you in hot, humid Singapore. It’s also a flexible fragrance that goes well with citrus and floral essential oils like Chamomile, Orange, Cardamom and more.

3. A Gentle Bath With Lilies

As much as Lilies are intricate flowers that make a statement in any home, their scent is contrary. It has a mild and gentle fragrance, perfect for anyone averse to strong smells. The smooth aroma promises to soothe your soul and melt the day's grime away.

The essence of dried Lily flowers pairs well with a woody base like sandalwood or other floral oils like Calendula for a unique smell.

3 Easy Steps To DIY Your Bath Soap

With these preserved flower bar scent ideas at your disposal, it's your springboard to try your hand at making a DIY bath soap at home.

DIY clear preserved flower soap bars in just 3 steps:

  1. Grab your soap mould and sprinkle a handful of your preferred preserved whole flowers or petals into the cavities.
  2. Prep the clear or white Glycerin soap by heating in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and repeat in 10-second intervals until completely melted.
  3. Pour the liquid soap into the soap mould and allow to harden over 40 minutes

These bars will not only look great on your countertop when they're left out to dry, but their delightful fragrance will also leave a beautiful aroma in your room as a bonus!

Find Your Signature Scent With Preserved Flowers

Open up a new world of sensual smells with plenty of other dried flower petals you can try, like Lavendar, Jasmine, Lilac and Rosemary—the fun is in experimenting till you find a few signature scents of your own that no one else can replicate. Try it today!